From an envelope to $1k

Date posted: Fri, 20 Jun. 2014

In March, Regina's Rock Station 104.9 The Wolf conducted a social experiment, leaving an envelope with $5 on the street. The envelope noted the funds were going to the Alzheimer Society, but anyone could take the envelope consequence free. As people passed on their way to work, the envelope quickly filled up with extra donations. Unfortunately, the envelope didn't last long and was taken. 

From an envelope to k - Image 1 Although The Wolf stated taking the envelope was consequence free, they wanted to make up for the missing envelope. They encouraged people to drop off donations at their station and auctioned off a Green Bay Packers jersey on air to help raise funds.

After all was said and done, they raised over $1000 for us. Not only were we grateful for the donations, but the on-air promotion of our organization was a great way to create awareness about our organizaiton! Thanks to Chad, Ballsy and the rest of the crew at The Wolf (and everyone who donated to the envelope!) for your hard work and generousity. 

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