Clutter into Cash for a Good Cause

  Dec 01 2017, 12:00am


If you’re anything like most people, you have a desire to support good causes & give back. And yet, just like most of us, you only have so much money on hand to give. If that describes you, then you may be pleased to hear about a local company which is making donating to the Alzheimer’s Society easy in more than one way.

The company is called Cashopolis, and it instantly turns your clutter into cash. What’s more, in December Cashopolis is letting you donate a portion of your clutter’s value (or all of it) to the Alzheimer’s Society. This is helpful because you can meaningfully support a good cause without out-of-pocket cash.


Who it’s for

Busy folks like you with clutter they no longer need/love and a desire to support good causes.


How to turn items you no longer need/love into cash for good causes

Step #1: Go to

On that page, you’ll see what items they accept and where and when you can drop them off.

Step #2: Drop off your items at their store, and 120% of their value will be donated to a worthy cause.

For example, for items worth $50, $60 will be donated to a worthy cause in your name.


Over to you: Did Cashopolis make donating to the Alzheimer’s Society easy or what? :)

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