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  Mar 01 2015

Welcome to Fast Eddy’s “There and Back” journey across Canada, a 21,585km ultramarathon running event to raise money for Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer charities in each province. In addition to the sheer length of this undertaking, Eddy is also running alone and completely unsupported in order to show people how much the human body can withstand when one truly believes in the possibility of perseverance.

All money collected throughout the race will be donated directly to local foundations in order to ensure that communities are truly supporting their fellow citizens in facing the most difficult battle of their lives. 

In addition to covering all 10 provinces on foot, Eddy is also proud to announce that he will be completing a 24 hour long endurance event in each province so that everyone can come interact with him and see his dedication up close and personal.

The Cause

Fast Eddy is propelled by the motto that believing is just the beginning. Eddy’s personal experiences have shown him firsthand that many individuals must undergo the hardship and disparity of having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Breast Cancer. For those unfortunate enough to undergo such an experience, hope can often seem bittersweet and far removed from reality. In spite of these widespread hopeless feelings, advances have been made in both diseases and Eddy has committed himself to running in support of future advances.

On March 1st, 2015; Fast Eddy will undergo a run like no other. “There and Back” across Canada: completely alone and unsupported, all to raise awareness and fundraising for these Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer. With the interest and participation of supporters throughout the company, Eddy intends to remind individuals to remember the true majesty of their lives while providing hope for a world without Cancer or Alzheimer’s. Together we can accomplish anything!

About Eddy

Eddy has been an athlete for his entire life, participating in a variety of activities including rugby, running, and various other activities. Having spent most of his running career as a sprinter, Eddy has now made the transition into ultra-marathon running in order to raise money to support breast cancer and Alzheimer’s due to personal promises made to loved ones claimed by each disease. Eddy supports Breast Cancer research as a result of a promise made to his dying professor that he would truly give his best to a worthy cause. Additionally, Eddy strives to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research in order to assist other families with the struggles he saw his own grandmother suffer during her bout with the disease. Follow Eddy during his travels and stop by to contribute to lifesaving research where it is most needed. 

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